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Séance du jeudi 15 janvier 2015, Salle L 218, 14h.
Pierre MARTINON, COMMANDS INRIA Saclay, Ecole Polytechnique, CMAP
We study the energy management problem for a microgrid including a diesel generator and a photovoltaic plant with a battery storage system. The objective is to minimize the total operational cost over a certain timeframe, primarily the diesel consumption, while satisfying a prescribed power load. After reformulation, the decision variables can be reduced to the charging/discharging power for the battery system.
We take into account the switching cost for the diesel generator, the non-convex objective, and the long-term aging of the batteries. We solve this problem using a continuous optimal control framework, with both a direct transcription method (time discretization) and a Dynamic Programming method (Hamilton Jacobi Bellman).
This project is a collaboration between team COMMANDS (INRIA Saclay, France) and Centro de Energia (Universidad de Chile, Chile). Ongoing studies include comparison with the existing MIP approach, more refined battery aging models, and modeling the stochastic nature of the photovoltaic power and power load.
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