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This site is very simple to use; we have included this help for people who are not familiar with blogs and RSS feeds.

Navigation for publications and seminar
Our publications pages (Journals, Conferences, Dissertations, Reports and Other), and our seminar page are published as blogs. They are archived on a year by year basis. What you will see on the page is the list of publications (or seminars) for the latest year. In the side bar, you have access to the archive the past publication years.

You also have access to the list of publications by category, or by related topics. Categories list control and systems methods that are relevant to the publications. Related topics are less strict; if you are looking for an application field, or a theoretical field that are not strictly within the classical range of control and systems, look at the related topics at the bottom of the entry.

Clicking on a category or a related topic on the sidebar at the right will bring you to a page which displays all the publications (of the same type, i.e. journals, conferences etc..) which belong to the category or related topic, regardless of publication date.

RSS feeds
Each blog has an RSS feed. Most modern browsers manage RSS feeds directly. However, if you want better archiving and searching performances, we suggest you use a dedicated RSS feed reader/aggregator. When you click on an RSS feed link in one of our web pages, you will be asked for a recipient for this feed; select your RSS reader and it will subscribe to the feed. In practice, this means that, when your launch the application, it will update the blog articles. Each article will be presented (almost) as in the blog. Permalinks are available for the blogs, which means that, if you click on the link to the blog entry within your RSS reader, you will be directed to the permanent URL of the full blog entry.
You can find a list of RSS readers here:
for Windows, Mac and Linux (I use Vienna personnaly).
There is also the google option.