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Practical delay modeling of externally recirculated burned gas fraction for Spark-Ignited engines

Authors: D. Bresch-Pietri, T. Leroy, J. Chauvin and N. Petit, Advances in Delays and Dynamics in Delay Systems: from Theory to Numerics and Applications, T. Vyhlídal, J.-F. Lafay, R. Sipahi eds. , pp. 359-372, Springer 2014
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Control-oriented input-delay model of the distributed temperature of a SI engine exhaust catalyst

Authors: D. Bresch-Pietri, T. Leroy, and N. Petit, in Low complexity controllers for time-delay systems, pp. 173-188, C. Bonnet, H. Mounier, H.Özbay and A. Seuret Ed., 2014, Springer
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