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Symmetry-Preserving Observers

Authors: Silvère Bonnabel, Philippe Martin, Pierre Rouchon IEEE Trans. Automatic Control, Vol 53, no 11, pp. 2514-2526, 2008, DOI: 10.1109/TAC.2008.2006929
This paper presents the theory of invariant observers, i.e, symmetry-preserving observers. We consider an observer to consist of a copy of the system and a correction term, and we propose a constructive method (based on the Cartan moving-frame method) to find all the symmetry-preserving correction terms. The construction relies on an invariant frame (a classical notion) and on an invariant output-error, a less standard notion precisely defined here. Using the theory we build three non-linear observers for three examples of engineering interest: a non-holonomic car, a chemical reactor, and an inertial navigation system. For each example, the design is based on physical symmetries and the convergence analysis relies on the use of invariant state-errors, a symmetry-preserving way to define the estimation error.
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