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Stabilization of an arbitrary profile for an ensemble of half-spin systems

Authors: K. Beauchard, P. S. Pereira da Silva, P. Rouchon, Automatica, Vol. 49 No 7, pp. 2133–2137, July 2013 DOI: 10.1016/j.automatica.2013.03.011
We consider the feedback stabilization of a variable profile for an ensemble of non interacting half-spins described by the Bloch equations. We propose an explicit feedback law that stabilizes asymptotically the system around a given arbitrary target profile. The convergence proof is done when the target profile is entirely in the south hemisphere or in the north hemisphere of the Bloch sphere. The convergence holds for initial conditions in a H1 neighbourhood of this target profile. This convergence is shown for the weak H1 topology. The proof relies on an adaptation of the LaSalle invariance principle to infinite dimensional systems. Numerical simulations illustrate the efficiency of these feedback laws, even for initial conditions far from the target profile.
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