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Robust design of nonlinear internal models without adaptation

Authors: A. Isidori, L. Marconi, L. Praly, Automatica, Vol. 48, No 10, pp. 2409–2419, October 2012, DOI: 10.1016/j.automatica.2012.06.076
We propose a solution to the problem of semiglobal output regulation for nonlinear minimum-phase systems driven by uncertain exosystems that does not rely upon conventional adaptation schemes to estimate the frequency of the exogenous signals. Rather, the proposed approach relies upon regression-like arguments used to derive a nonlinearinternalmodel able to offset the presence of an unknown number of harmonic exogenous inputs of uncertain amplitude, phase and frequency. The design methodology guarantees asymptotic regulation if the dimension of the regulator exceeds a lower bound determined by the actual number of harmonic components of the exogenous input. If this is not the case, a bounded steady-state regulation error is ensured whose amplitude, though, can be arbitrarily decreased by acting on a design parameter of the regulator.
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